Videnco can automate your manufacturing process with custom robotic work-cells.  These versatile systems are perfect for eliminating repetitive motion and quality issues due to worker fatigue.  Each system is customized for your needs and can be retooled for multiple applications.


  • Fully automatic with 'lights out' capability.

  • High throughput rate.

  • Small footprint - 48 X 48 inches.

  • Designed for simultaneous processes such as internal and external deburring, chamfering, laser code marking, ink jet marking, or laser inspection of internal features.

  • 6-axis robot for sidelining parts for other operations such as vision inspection of multiple dimensions up to 0.0005" accuracy.

  • Robot and vision system cooperate to differentiate good and non-conforming parts and place into separate receptacles or tracks.

  • Modules can be retooled for deburring, drilling, laser marking, printing, RFID read / write, vision inspection, and much more.

Robotic Work-Cells