Videnco Winding Systems


  • 7 inch HMI. Display current data pertaining to winding

    • Variable core length, material width, and winding speed

  • Custom traversing lengths via HMI.

    • Run any core length up to 12 inches.

  • Change job requirements and parameters via recipe control

    • Each parameter can be updated via the TW-2000 interface

  • Network capable

    • Multiple systems can be on a network for remote viewing and control

  • Optional: Electronic gearing.

    • Ensure minimal overlap and even winding onto core.

    • Fit more material onto one core

    • Shelf appeal

  • Optional:  Torque Mode.

    • Great for intermittent winding from master system

    • No handshaking to slitter or packaging master system

    • Detect web brakes and safely stop system

Winding Systems